A Magical Birthday - Harry Potter Studio Tour

A few weekends ago, Matt surprised me with a trip away and a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for my birthday. I've wanted to take a peek at the inside secrets of the magical world for so long. I read Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone in my first year at grammar school and I (along with the rest of the class) was captivated from the very first paragraph, enthralled to enter a magical and enchanting world we all wished could be real. So it was with much excitement when we stepped into the Studios at Leavesden for a glimpse at the story which had come to life through the films.

I'd heard glowing reviews of the tour and I was delighted to find it exceeded my expectations. We marvelled at the great level of detail in each and every prop, set, and item of clothing. Each item had been lovingly created by the most talented in the business and it was amazing to see the work behind every moment in the films. Stepping into The Great Hall and Diagon Alley felt as if we were part of the magical world, and I loved absorbing the atmosphere of the Potions Dungeon, Gryffindor Common Room and The Burrow. We excitedly queued for Butterbear, anticipating the first sip of the famous drink - and we were pleased to find it was deliciously sweet and frothy.

I'd highly recommend a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for any fellow fan, it really does transport you into the enchanting world created by J.K Rowling, and there are so many delights and surprises in store you certainly won't leave disappointed!

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