A Natural Beauty Project - DIY Shower Gel

I was recently contacted with a challenge to get back to nature and create a natural homemade beauty product, using ingredients which can be grown in British gardens or greenhouses. I've always been intrigued by DIY beauty products, so I welcomed the chance to use natural ingredients to create a fresh beauty product. When I was little I had great fun making my own lotions and potions using anything I could find in the bathroom (toothpaste and rose shampoo scented perfume, anyone?), so I felt like I was harnessing my inner child to create something which was actually functional and usable.

For the base product, I used Neal's Yard Create Your Own Hair & Body Wash - a gentle foaming cleanser which can be used as a shampoo, shower gel and handwash. This is a great little product which can either be used as it is (unfragranced) if you have particularly sensitive skin or scalp, or, if you fancy creating a bespoke item, it's easy to adapt to suit your needs. I opted for a calming and feminine scent of rose and chamomile. The process was simple, I added a few sprinkles of Chamomile Tea (which can be home grown) into the product and a couple of drops of Rose Essential Oil. The result was a shower gel with a soothing scent, with the added bonus that the tea provided some gentle exfoliation. I've loved creating my own beauty product so much that I'm now wanting to experiment with a DIY face mask and body scrub.

Let me know if you have any DIY recipes I can try!

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