'A' Letter Necklace

I love browsing Etsy for unique, pretty jewellery. As much as I enjoy high street jewellery, it's nice to buy something special and a bit different to what everybody else is currently wearing. The latest addition to my jewellery collection is this ever so dainty heart necklace, imprinted with my initial - A. It was love at first sight. The delicate gold chain, the short length and the teeny tiny heart all had me smitten and it was one of the first initial necklaces I'd seen which didn't look gaudy or tacky. After finding it, I contacted the US seller to request shipping costs and had a reply saying due to past problems, she no longer ships to the UK. My heart sank but I was determined to own this necklace, so after a bit of pleading, she agreed to send it (albeit without the pretty gift box.) It's such a sweet little necklace, and a bargain at just £12.50. I love it!

Available to buy here (although you may have to do a bit of sweet talking!)

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