Our New Camera - Canon EOS 600D

Matt and I have finally invested in our first DSLR - a Canon 600D. Initially we were planning on buying the 500D which was on offer, but after some poor customer service from Jessops (and the fact it was out of stock, everywhere), we went for the Canon 600D, and I'm glad we ended up unintentionally upgrading. 

I've always believed you don't need an expensive SLR in order to have good quality photographs for blogging, (something I still stand by - my little Canon IXUS has served me well and I'll still be using it on occasion!) but I thought it made sense for us to invest in a decent camera - to take photo's of holidays, weddings, family etc. 

So, after days of excitement (on my behalf, Matt really isn't into cameras!) we took the plunge. It actually worked out that we spent less than if we'd bought the 500D, as we had the camera price matched at John Lewis and we had a good amount of vouchers to spend. I'm still getting to grips with it, but I'm already impressed with the quality and I love playing about with the depth of field! Any tips, do let me know, I think I must be quite intimidated by such a fancy camera as I keep dreaming about it! (And I must admit I had to turn to a YouTube tutorial just to figure out how to attach the strap. Complete newbie here!)

Here are some of the first snaps I took...

The Canon 600D is available to buy from John Lewis

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