Jasper Conran Tortoise Shell Glasses

I'm guilty of relying on my contact lenses a little too much, and after a recent visit to the opticians, I was advised to give my eyes a break and wear my glasses more often. To soften the blow, I thought I'd invest in a fancy new pair. My horrifyingly poor eyesight means thick frames are a necessity rather than a style choice, but fortunately, chunky geek glasses are currently in fashion so I was spoilt for choice. I opted for these Jasper Conran Tortoise Shell glasses - chic, stylish and professional. I'm smitten with anything Tortoise Shell, and I love the monochrome striped cleaning cloth. For the time being I'm enjoying wearing my glamorous new glasses!

As much fun it is playing around with glasses, I am considering laser eye surgery. I can't imagine the joy I'd feel to wake up and be able to see clearly, have a shower and not squint at everything around me, and remove my makeup and not have to hold my face one inch away from the mirror! Although I have heard if you have a high prescription, or an astigmatism, your eyesight won't remain perfect and you may need to wear lenses again in the future. Bad news for me because I have both! Have any of you had laser eye surgery or know someone who has?

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