Life in Instagram - Summer Loving

The glorious weather we've all been enjoying lately has meant I've finally cast my coat and scarf aside in favour of all the summery clothes which have been hiding in my wardrobe. I bought this peachy nude maxi skirt from New Look a while ago, back when we were still in the depths of winter but spring stock had already been launched. Five months later, I finally got to wear it! I chose it from the tall section and the length is floor-skimmingly perfect for my long legs. Although sheer, it's not transparent so luckily no worries there! This sunny weather has also meant I've been able to wear my white jeans again. I bought this pair around five years ago from Topshop and they're still good as new. I paired them with a beautiful lilac-blue vest top from Topshop and felt super summery!

Now the weather has perked up, Matt and I have been going out in the evenings more often. Dinner in a lovely restaurant followed by cocktails can't be beaten! I wore this black wrap dress from ASOS which I bought recently. I love the rose gold sequinned cuffs! I paired it with a patent black belt from Primark and studded suede platforms from New Look. As my legs hadn't seen the light of day for the best part of a year, I reached for Sally Hanson Airbursh Legs, a product I can't praise enough. Whenever the weather is unexpectedly lovely and I need a quick and easy solution for my pasty pins, I always reach for this, and it delivers sunkissed skin in an instant. I've heard amazing things about the Laura Mercier blushes so I can't wait to try it!

Matt spent last week in America on a business trip so I asked him to do a spot of shopping and he brought back some goodies I was coveting - some Bath & Body Works candles and hand sanitizers, a Hollister hoody and a Laura Mercier blush in Peach Whisper. The Frosted Cupcake candle smells good enough to eat!

Earlier this week I enjoyed a cinnamon pretzel from Auntie Anne's - it may be the best thing I have ever tasted. Then, whilst browsing the various stalls which had been set up in Nottingham this weekend, we came across this huge paella grill, doesn't it look delicious?! Matt and I then spent Sunday having a picnic in the park, putting our new picnic basket from Home Sense to good use! Followed by a Fab, it was the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

After enjoying lots of fabulous food this weekend, we are going to make a concerted effort to eat more healthily. We've planned to eat only salads this week in a bid to shed some weight in preparation for our holiday this year (which we still have not booked!) I'm also saying goodbye to my ombre hair this week and returning to brunette. I've enjoyed the blonde but I do miss my old hair colour. I've also got plans to get a fringe cut in - Cheryl Cole  style!

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