Fifi Lapin iPhone Case

One of the many perks of owning an iPhone is how easy it is to change the look, simply by alternating the case. Yet I've found finding a design I like is harder than I thought. The internet is full of blingtastic cases and cutesy teddy bear designs, and although eye catching, they're not to my personal taste. So when I was contacted by Iconemesis, who collaborate with artists to create beautiful iPhone cases, I was delighted to find they offer a range of attractive and subtle designs - no bling to be found! I picked out the gorgeous iPhone case above which features the fashionable Fifi Lapin. I love the duck egg background with the soft pastel polka dots, and what's not to I've about a rabbit dressed as a teacup?! Priced at £24, it is on the steep side, but the quality testifies to the cost, as the case is constructed from a sturdy, resilient plastic, unlike the malleable silicone of my other iPhone cases. The effect is sleek and sophisticated and I absolutely love it!

The Fifi Lapin iPhone Case is priced at £24 and is available to buy from Iconemesis

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