Whooga Ugg Boots

For a moment I thought we had left the nine months of bitterly cold weather behind us and I was celebrating the fact I could wear open toed shoes again. But we were merely teased with a couple of days of sunshine and with icy temperatures here once again, it's back to the practicality of snug boots. I was sent a pair of Whooga Ugg Boots at the beginning of the year and they've seen me through the worst of the weather. They were also my saviour when an intense day at LFW left my poor feet thoroughly blistered, and they were the only shoes which nursed my feet and didn't cause more pain. Although I'm not a fan of these boots as a fashion statement, they can't be beaten when it comes to keeping toes cosy on a cold day, and as someone prone to chilblains, these babies have kept my feet well protected. Plus they're perfect for those lazy days when comfort is key. 

I read a few reviews advising to go a size smaller when ordering, and as I vary between a size 5 and 6 as it is, I thought it safer to follow the recommendations so I ordered the smaller size. They fit perfectly - snugly encasing my foot in the springy merino inner fleece. With a suede reinforced heel and a high grip sole, these boots have been designed to last, so they won't be any of that annoying squashed heel syndrome I often see girls sliding about in! 

The Tall Chestnut Whooga Ugg Boots have an 
RRP of £155 (although currently on offer for £89!) and are available in a variety of colours from www.whooga.co.uk

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