Hair Decisions

(My various hair colours & lengths over the last few years)

I'm in a bit of a hair predicament. I'm stuck in a hair rut and I'm wondering whether to dare to try something a bit different or stick with my trusted style. I'm tempted to try something a little shorter as I've always had long locks (the shortest I've gone for years was for our wedding when I had a good 5 inches lopped off!) I love Mollie King's hair - loose curls and a chic length. Yet just when I think I've decided I'll go for the chop, I find myself looking longingly at the Kardashian's luscious long hair.

I'm also wondering where to go in terms of colour. I've been brunette for the most part of my life, dabbling in mahogany tones as a teenager and most recently ombre hair which has nudged me into blonde for the first time since I was a child. I'm either going to experiment with an all over blondette look, or resort back to being brunette. What to do you think?

(My current hair inspiration)

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