Skintopia Skin Belief Face Serum

Since reaching my mid twenties, I've decided it's about time I pay more attention to my skincare routine. Serums and anti ageing creams now have new appeal for me, and although I'm not currently fighting any wrinkles, there's no harm in looking after your skin before they appear! I was recently offered a sample of Skintopia Skin Belief Face Serum, which claims to revitalise skin and reduce fine lines and under eye shadows. After hearing plenty of good things about serums, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try one out and I was keen to see if I noticed a difference in my skin. Packaged in a glass bottle with a pump which allows for easy distribution, Skin Belief Serum has a gentle, pleasant  fragrance and glides easily over the skin. The formula is light and it's quickly absorbed by my skin, leaving an almost matte finish rather than a greasy residue which was one of my concerns about serums. I've definitely seen an improvement in my skin since using the serum twice daily for the last few weeks - my complexion looks brighter with a more even tone. It's convinced me of the benefits of using serums so I shall be investigating more! Which serum do you use?

Skintopia Skin Belief Face Serum is priced at £49.95 and is available to buy from Skintopia.

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