Mulberry Plaster Pink Continental Wallet

After I received a beautiful Mulberry Bayswater as a wedding present from my lovely husband, it seemed only right that I bought an exquisite purse to place inside it. I did have my heart set on a pink Miu Miu purse but when it mysteriously and suddenly stopped being stocked, I took my search elsewhere and the Mulberry Plaster Pink Continental purse caught my eye right away. Classic in design, it's been given a feminine twist with beautiful blush pink leather and rose gold hardware. Matt and I had a trip to London planned so it was the perfect opportunity to take a look at the purse in the Mulberry store and check whether the colour was just as pretty in real life as it was online. I was smitten when I saw it and knew it had to be mine! Not only is it beautiful, it has plenty of space for cards as well as an area for notes and a zipped pocket at the back. It was expensive, but I'd had many reassurances from fellow Mulberry purse owners that years after their purchase they still loved their wallets and it's well worth the investment. Not a day has gone by since I bought it when I haven't given it an admiring gaze. Who knew a purse could bring such pleasure?!

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