Luxury Lust List

Philippe Audibert Crystal Embellished Bracelet - Mulberry Alexa Bag - Alexander McQueen Leopard & Scull Scarf - Tom Ford Tortoise Shell Sunglasses - Mulberry Tillie Bag

I love a spot of online window shopping. There's nothing better than casting budgets and restrictions aside and indulging in some leisurely fantasy browsing. I seem to have an insatiable desire for designer goods so I'm constantly adding to my ever growing wish list, with these lovely items taking the top spot as my current favourite picks.

I already own quite a few shoulder bags so it's about time I branched out and tried something else, and what could be better than the iconic Mulberry Alexa? I love the textured leather of this one and the cream shade paired with rose gold hardware is perfectly to my taste. I wouldn't stop there, as the Mulberry Tillie is just as lovely, and probably more practical for someone like me who lugs around their whole life in their bag! An Alexander McQueen scarf is almost a prerequisite for any blogger, but rather than the ubiquitous monochrome scull scarf, I'm more drawn to this chic leopard print silk scarf and it would look gorgeous paired with the gold Philippe Audibert bracelet. I've also desperately been coveting some Tom Ford sunglasses for what seems a lifetime, and as I have a bit of a penchant for tortoiseshell, these are ideal.

These items may just be a mere fantasy for now, but my Mulberry Bayswater and Mulberry Continental Wallet started off as daydreams too, so perhaps one day I'll also be the proud owner of these lovely things. Which luxury items are you lusting after?

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