London Fashion Week

I had my first taste of London Fashion Week this week when I headed off there on Monday. It's a strange surreal world where it seems the more freakishly you dress, the more fashionable you are deemed. Who knew I would feel the odd one out as I wasn't decked out in bizarre combinations of colours and clothes which resembled my uni's bad taste fancy dress nights a little too closely! Although peculiar, it was still enjoyable to see all sorts of weird and wonderful outfits I'd never otherwise see.

The highlight of the day was popping in to the luxurious 5 star hotel One Aldwych where Handpicked Media had filled a suite with all sorts of gorgeous goodies. The ladies from Ted's Beauty Spot were on hand offering manicures, threading and eyelash extensions, and the PR team for Ted Baker gave a sneak peek of their new range of clothing, including the beautiful white embellished dress above.  

I opted for a Shellac manicure in a peachy nude colour and I can see why so many people are a fan. Ultra glossy and long wearing, shellac is the ultimate manicure. I would have loved to have tried eyelash extensions but it would have meant removing all my eye makeup and as I hadn't brought any with me, it was a no go. Instead I tried threading - another beauty ritual I'd been keen to try for some time. I'm a huge fan of the result and if I can find somewhere affordable and local, this shall become my one regular beauty treatment. It achieves a level of precision you just can't obtain with tweezers, giving an ultra smooth, polished finish to the brows. 

I went away with a very generous goody bag, which included the very same Ted Baker laptop case I'd been eyeing up in House of Fraser just the previous week! Overall it was a fantastic (albeit exhausting) day which gave me an insight into the fabulous world of fashion.

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