Rapidlash - An Update

Back in January I posted my Rapidlash review. The tube ran dry just as my lashes reached their peak length and with other things going on I didn't think to repurchase it. Within a couple of months my lashes were noticeably shorter and I longed for the length and curl I used to have so I promptly purchased another tube. I was happy to find my lashes grew to even longer lengths than they had before! Rapidlash retails at £40 and whilst this is on the expensive side, I think it's well worth the investment and it's considerably cheaper than some of the alternatives. The tube also lasts for around 3-5 months which seems to be a decent length of time. Now I've experienced super long lashes, Rapidlash has now become one of those products I'll always repurchase.
(If you'd like to know more about the mascara I've used, you can read my Max Factor False Lash Effect review.)

 Rapidlash is priced at £40 and is available to buy direct from the Rapidlash site or from Boots and Next

Have you tried a lash lengthening treatment?

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