Beauty Blogger Business Cards

During the excitement surrounding the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards event, talked soon turned to business cards as it was the perfect chance to network with other bloggers and brands. I'd been considering getting business cards for a while as there had been quite a few occasions when people had asked about my blog and it would have been the perfect time to hand over a card.

I headed to Zazzle and had a look at their designs. I wanted something in keeping with the feminine feel of my blog so I went for a pastel pink damask background. I thought the typewriter was a cute touch and resonated with the whole blogger theme. I kept it simple on the back, listing my email address, twitter account and most importantly, my website address. The cost was around £25 for 100 which I thought was fairly reasonable, although I had hoped the card would be a little thicker and more robust. Unfortunately they arrived a couple of days after the Blog Awards but they're still handy for future events. My husband and dad will tell anyone who will listen about my blog so I think I'll give them a couple so they can hand them out for me!

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