Indigo & Ivory

Blouse: Reiss
Jeans: Topshop Kristen
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Etsy
Shoes: New Look
(Trying to demonstrate the shoulder detail unsuccessfully)

I recently fell out with jeans, then realised one day it might be that the style of jeans I was wearing weren't particularly flattering, so I turned to Topshop's high waisted Kristen jeans in the hope they'd rekindle my love for jeans. I wasn't sure if they'd make my legs look too long, as I'm already 5'9, but something about the cut and fit of the jeans makes me love them. They're a lot more chic than skinny jeans which sit on the hips which is where I think I was going wrong. These are the indigo version and I love the colour - smarter looking than traditional denim but not as intense as black. I bought these in a 26W/34L and although they fit snugly on my legs I could have done with the 25" to fit my waist better, but as my hips are a good 12" bigger than my waist and Topshop jeans aren't designed for hourglass figures, I didn't fancy my chances of squeezing my hips into them. I'll definitely be investing in more Kristen high waisted jeans in the future.

I paired them with my new Reiss blouse. I love Reiss, the clothing is simple and chic but it is expensive so I only shop there during a sale. This silk blouse was originally £95 but it had been reduced down to a much more reasonable £28 so I snapped it up. It features sweet little buttons at the sleeve and extra fabric at the shoulder which softens the look and adds a feminine touch. The neckline can be worn two ways - open, like I've done above, or buttoned up which results in a much higher, more square neckline. It's these little extra details which make a fairly basic blouse into something a little more unusual.

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