On Our Wedding Day...

I look into the eyes of my best friend 
The one with whom I can share anything with
My deepest hopes and heart-filled dreams
Inner fears and sheltered insecurities
My most warming joys and overwhelming triumphs
All future journeys that I have left to encounter
This and more I know I can share with you 

I take pride in my best friend
With admiration I look upon you and smile
For all that you are and all that you do that makes me so proud 
Every part of you that I have come to adore
And for all those parts I have not yet learned
I will live each day from now on cherishing you with honour

I share my soul to my best friend
My most prized possession which no other has been given
I give it with great confidence and trust
Because with you I am at peace and I know with you it is safe
You give to me a warmth that I keep with me always
And what else can I give to someone who has given me so much
For you have opened my eyes to see a love, which before you I was blind to 

I am marrying my best friend
For I know now God put you here to be my partner
Knowing even before I, 
that you were the one I would live to love guiding me to this aisle, 
He knew your hand would be waiting here for me to hold
Graciously leading me here to you and allowing us to share this moment together
So I could begin the rest of my journeys through life, happily ever after with you.

...My Best Friend

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