Halo Hair Extensions

As a fan of big, voluminous Kim Kardashian hair, I was thrilled when a couple of months ago I was offered the chance to try Halo Hair Extensions. As I already have long hair, I went for the 20" extensions in Chocolate Brown which matched my own length.
 The colour match is perfect. The hair extensions have the same red and copper multi tones as my own and blend in seamlessly. Being made from 100% remy human hair, these extensions can be curled, washed and dyed and obviously look a lot more natural than synthetic hair would.
There are 8 pieces all together, weighing in at a total of 100g. As you can see, it creates quite a mass of hair all together! I particularly love how well curl holds in these. My own hair is ridiculously fine and silky so I have to frazzle my hair with a curling tong multiple times and abuse it with half a can of hairspray to hold a wave, so these were a dream come true.

The 28mm clips are well made and have silicone tubing to prevent slippage so the extensions hold well...even with lots of dancing and hair swishing!
Here are the extensions in action. Because I have a small head and a weird parting at the crown which drives me mad (and would show up the clips if they were around that area), I only can fit on two lots of extensions. Below I'm wearing a 3 clip piece and a 2 clip piece. I love the extra volume it adds to my hair. I can't imagine how big it would be if I used all 8 pieces!
Halo Hair Extensions are available in 16", 20" and 24" lengths. 
Prices begin at £49.99 for human hair extensions.
Available in 31 shades.
For more info, head to http://www.halohairextensions.com/

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